6 Tips for Using a Hair Straightener

The secret to fast and easy pin hair is no more a secret! Who does not like lustrous, shiny, and bouncy hair that speaks volume about your personality? However, to keep up with the struggle of keeping your hair straight and frizz-free especially while you are travelling is nothing new to a woman. This gets worse for women who have hard-core curls that are difficult to detangle. Apart from trimming, using wide-tooth comb, using branded conditioners and serums, there is another alternative that can be quite effective and safe when it comes to aiming for a clean look.

With the upsurge of modern gadgets and technologies flaunting trendy hairdos has become super easy. No more visiting salons for achieving the stylish straight hair look. All you need is one straightening iron and you will be surprised how efficient and exceptionally good results it can deliver. Say bye to all bad-hair days by incorporating highly compact and easy to use hair straighteners that are even ideal to carry during travels.

Everything aside, using a hair straightener might not be as easy as it looks, especially for the one who is using it for the first time. Few factors are to be kept in mind if you are a beginner that can be helpful in maintaining safety. A few tips to be remembered before using a hair straightener are as follows:


6 Tips for Using a Hair Straightener

The Basic Hair Care

Maintaining your hair on a daily basis is a tough thing to do. However, one needs to ensure that while going out, you cover your head. The pollution, grease, and use of various hair styling products can make your hair frizzy and difficult to manage. Hence, it becomes really important to go for a hair wash before using a straightener for your hair. This way your hair responds in a far better way to the straightening device. If hair is not cleaned well, then grease, and dirt can make hair damage easier. Also, dust always hampers the heat and can affect the results adversely.

The Right Temperature

There are a variety of straighteners available in the market. Maintaining suitable temperature for your hair can be the next big challenge. Many women start straightening their hair before the flat iron or the hair tong is at the right temperature and is fully hot. Ignoring this factor can lead to you getting back those curls in a matter of time. Additionally, before you apply the flat iron on hair, make sure your hair is dry as using it on wet hair can be hazardous.

The Right Way to Comb

Patience is the key to most unsolved queries. Hence, right after you wash your hair that succeeds with the tong or flat iron getting fully heated, you should comb it right. Combing in between straightening sessions to can be an easy way out to get rid of your curls. Combing your hair can help attain right shape for a quite a long time.

Start with the Back

Using a straightener can be effective if you start ironing those curly flocks of yours from the back of your head. Eventually, work to the front. Any hair expert will tell you that the front flicks are the last thing to be taken care of while you undergo a straightening session.

Use of Good Serums and Shampoos

Knowing your shampoo and other hair conditioning products can be an advantage for all the ladies who often go for straightening of hair. Keeping your hair hydrated and nourished is an important factor. Picking good quality hair styling products are also essential to soothe down the any kind of harsh effect that these straighteners can have on your hair.

Know the difference between the types of Straighteners

Hold on girl! This point is a little something that cannot be ignored or avoided. To know the different t types of straighteners is what can set you apart from the crowd. Usually, there are three types of straighteners that are available-Ceramic, Titanium, and Tourmaline. Even though, these are more about the same, there are few minute details that can be factored for distinguishing them from each other.

Winning hearts by flaunting those lovely tresses is no more a task. Annova brings to you the best of hair straightness that are sure to match with your hair type. Explore and apply these tips in your day-to-day life and let your hair speak for you this time!    


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