A Quick Guide to Buying the Best Kitchen Appliances

The early morning wakes up coffee is essential in opening your eyes wide, so the first thing that you remember in the morning is probably the instant coffee maker machine!!!

The role of kitchen appliances in our life is indispensible and so the role of Annova is as important as of the appliance itself.  We at Annova, offer the best of kitchen appliances at discounted prices. From small kitchen appliances to high end appliances, we offer an exhaustive range of kitchen appliances for making your everyday life smooth and fastest. Whether you are looking for the best electric kettle for coffee, or the popcorn maker machine or any other essential small kitchen appliances, we offer a wide and best of kitchen appliances range within your budget and comfort level.

Electric kettle

When it comes to selecting the best appliances for your everyday use from the millions of product range, hundreds of good brands available the decision to select the best one becomes challenging. We understand your concern deeply and so here are few tips and tricks for you to make the right decision in short span of time.

Our team has designed a simple and quick guide for selecting the best kitchen appliances for you, take a quick tour;

1)     What size and shape of your kitchen: Well, first and foremost thing is to take into consideration the size and shape or layout of your kitchen. The layout determines the space allotted and placement of appliances. If the kitchen is congested, the placement can be arranged in a stack or you may opt of small size appliances to keep enough space for movement.  In other words, the size of your kitchen will play a role in deciding the size and number of appliances required.

2)     Make of list of the most important: Secondly, make a list of appliances you cannot live without. Simply put Kitchen stove, Refrigerators, Microwave, Coffee/tea maker, Dishwashers, Cooktops are something which are required everyday. Give importance to these appliances and do not think about compromising on brand or quality. The other ones like sandwich maker, popcorn maker, and juicer can be listed in the second priority list, wherein you can think about compromising on your budget.

Coffee Maker

3)    Comparative analysis of different brands: Whether you are planning to buy for the first time for your new house or whether you are buying as a replacement of earlier product, always do a comparative analysis of different brands available and also you need to do a study of their features and quality. While the top brands may offer best of features, the prices might be out of your budget. On the other hand, look for features which are most easy to use, easy to clean and easy to handle.  

4)    Compare features, brand name, price, energy consumption and your comfort of handling: Well, depending upon the size of the family and high usage of appliances, you may opt of energy efficient and high quality appliances. For smaller families the usage is restricted, however for a large family the usage may be throughout the day. Like the mixers/Juicer, might be used throughout the day. The consumption of energy is high in these cases.   

Braun Multimix 3 Hand Mixer

Also, think if you require high end kitchen appliances or not, because they cost high, takes lot of space however offers a lot of convenience to make your daily routine life comfortable and fast. We at Annova are dedicated to provide the best kitchen appliances with the comparative prices with market. We hope that you will get a maximum of what you are searching with respect to better Home/kitchen appliances in our Annova UK store.


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