Best Electric Shaver of 2018

Want to look extra special tonight or want to be the best-looking guy for that interview but do not have much time? You can have it all by just one shave. Electric Shavers is a boon in this era of speed. They are no fuss hair removing devices that every uber male should have in his kit.

However, choosing the best brand for the electric razor to get a close and comfortable shave which is pocket-friendly, is not that simple. The variety of options that we get on a day to day basis, makes it difficult to pick. We all suffer from the problem of plenty while shopping. There are so many choices and features, that the tendency to get confused is certain. To find the best electric shaver is a task in itself.

Frankly speaking, we are going to redefine the way the issue is approached. Instead of telling the exact Best electric shaver of 2018, we will give you some choices and you can select which is perfect for your needs and comfort.

We all know, we can buy electric shavers online, but this is more of a personal choice than a recommendation. A particular shaver can be good for one person and equally bad for the other. So how do we go about this? Understand that, all men are different and so is their expectations. On a general note, we can categorize some factors which will help in choosing the best electric shaver for man.

Factors to consider before choosing the best brand for an electric shaver :

  • Budget
  • Sensitiveness of the Skin
  • Facial hair particularities
  • The coarseness of the hair
  • Shaving Habits and Frequency

While selecting the electric shaver, we will surely see the design and features, but it would be easy to select the one which has the maximum number of ticks on the above. In this age, the electric razors have come a long way. You will find one better than the other but not all will be ideal for every situation.

In order to come to a right decision, we have got a list of best brands to help you choose from:

1) Braun 9290CC Series 9

The flashy with chrome covering Series 9 from Braun is indeed the most anticipated player while being quite popular electric shaver in recent years. There are indeed too many models and variations, but the dura blade wet and dry electric hybrid shavers make an interesting choice for the comfort and easiness to shave. The new shaving head with its Titanium Nitride coated trimmer makes this shaver one of the best electric rechargeable foil shaver as it can be used for both wet and dry conditions.

The best part of this razor is the comfort that it gives while being gentle throughout your entire shave. Sensitive skins which generally suffer from razor burn, rashes or ingrown hairs, can rejoice as the foil of this forgiving shaver never gets too hot even after using for a long time.Braun 9290CC Series 9 System Wet & Dry Shaver

This electric shaver comes with very own replacement heads called cassettes which come at very reasonable prices.  The specialized cutters manage to cut stray, wiry and flat-lying hair remarkably well. The cleaning station is something that is to be experienced.  You will have to pay extra but it is certainly worth it.  This shaver is quite expensive in nature. Take a look at for the electronic shavers uber cool features.

Remington MB050 Durablade Wet & Dry Electric Hybrid Razor

2) Remington Durable Wet and Dry Electric Hybrid Razor MB050

This durable product is one tool which can trim, shave and style your hair in any direction. This is a cordless, waterproof shaver is budget friendly as you do not need any new blades. This not only saves your money but also the time. 

A quick shave and you are good to go. The shaving performance supersedes expectations especially closeness of the shave. You can actually shave right below your nose without much difficulty. This shaver works both in wet and dry conditions. A shaver with great precision, cleaning this shaver is actually a breeze. Moreover, it’s portable and easy to carry. You can find these electric shavers online at

 3) WAHL Ultimate Men’s Electric Shaver

A cordless shaving experience which is both compact and convenient, this electric shaver has a batter back up of almost 45 minutes with just one hour of charging. Suitable for the majority of skin types, this gives quite a smooth and clean shave. Wahl ZX882 Ultima Plus Men's Electric Shaver

The built and design is quite impressive and can easily remove 20% more hair effectively than your normal shaving kit. In those days when you are in a hurry and looking for a quick shave, this is quite reliable.

4) Braun Series 3 Proskin Rechargeable Electric Shaver Silver 3090 cc  

Braun is one of the best brands for electric shavers from Germany. It is so beautiful that it is difficult to go to any other brand once you start using this one. This electric shaver provides quick shaving with superior skin comfort and all thanks to its electric foil shaver or razor. It is three pressure sensitive elements for shaving which has the ability to adapt to any facial contour. It can capture more hairs in the very first stroke.  The difference between the other shavers is quite noticeable, especially in the 3-day beard torture test.  Plus point it has got value for more unlike your series 9.Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3090cc Rechargeable Electric Shaver Silver

The above are some handpicked and tried and tested shavers among the huge options available in the market.  There are numerous models and types but the ultimate judge for the best electric shaver for 2018 is you. Regardless of the hype and rave reviews, one’s comfort level, skin-friendliness along with the budget, help to decide. What are you waiting for? Smooth your stubble and let’s get on to becoming more handsome!


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