Best Kitchen Gadgets Under 50 GBP

Have you ever experienced the great feeling when something that you have bought blows your expectations? That’s the feeling of value and surprisingly you can get this feeling from some of the best kitchen gadgets which have very modest price tags.

Kitchen Gadgets are mainly used to simplify the cooking.  Be it for cutting, baking, blending, mixing, measuring, each tool has its own uses. When these gadgets become absolutely pocket-friendly, they become one of the top items to be used as gifts for any season. Some of the kitchen tools remain one of the kind for decades while others get continuous up-gradation in some smaller proportions.

We have compiled a list of the unique kitchen gadgets which are budget-friendly and are not only from the classic but also from brand new and improved versions. If you do not have these kitchen utensils, you will wonder how you survived without them!

Here are some of the Kitchen Gadgets that are priced not more than 50 £ each -  every one of them is useful, fun and quite resourceful in nature.

1)    Kettles

Electric Kettles are one of the boons in our life and make one of the interesting kitchen items.  Right from making a quick coffee or boil vegetables or noodles instantly, these kettles come in handy for a quick breakfast. Either cord or cordless, the kettle requires less space and are very easy to use. More so, they come with a built-in on and off switch, which switches off once the liquid reaches a certain temperature. You can choose from the Kenwood ZJM180RD Scene Kettle, 1.6 L or Prestige 46246 ALMOND Whistling Retro Enamel Stove Top Kettle 1.4L depending on your requirement and rest assured these products are well below 50 £. 

2)    Toasters

What better way to start the day than with a crunchy golden-brown piece of toast which is fresh out of the toaster layered with butter and jam? Toasters are indeed a part of the kitchen essential which can even warm bagels and waffles. There are a variety of budget-friendly options available at from Russell Hobbs 17936 2-Portion Sandwich Toaster - Stainless Steel, Prestige 56773 RED/CHROME Stainless Steel Toaster 2 Slice Auto Pop-up.

3)    Mixers

A must-have in the kitchen gadgets, these mixers help a home-maker cook the yummiest batter for a variety of cakes by its repetitive tasks of whisking, stirring and beating. When the dough-hook replaces the beaters, it can even be used for kneading. Kenwood HM536 Hand Mixer - Chrome BRAND NEW is a worthwhile option as it takes minimal space in the kitchen while being quick and ideal for easy clean-up. 

4)    Blenders & Smoothie Makers

Smoothie Makers are little different from blenders because of its ability to crush ice or fully liquefy a fruit. Never-the-less, they are quite handy when it comes to kitchen products and the prize ranges easily under 50 £. Vinaigrettes and sauces can be made easily using the blenders. Popular choices include Kenwood BL335 Blender WHITE and KENWOOD Blend X-Tract Smoothie 2Go SMP060WG Blender - White & Green.

5)    Openers

Again, a must-have in your stock of kitchen tools, openers have a basic task to open the can. Some openers, like the 3in1 40w Can Opener - Chrome BRAND NEW, are electric openers which can also be used as a bottle opener or even as a knife sharpener.  

6)    Electric Knives 

A staple in the modern kitchen, electric knives are popular because of its utility. Doing most of the work, these knives aid in preparing meals quicker. Chopping of vegetables and fruits, carving of tough meat cuts or even for preparing fish, these knives come handy. One of the popular choices at is Russel Hobs 13892 Electric Knife which is extremely pocket-friendly.

7)    Coffee Machines

Morning blues can be easily wiped off with a freshly brewed and aromatic coffee. Coffee Machines have indeed become a popular kitchen item. A pocket-friendly option, Prestige 59906 Sleek and Stylish   Design Coffee Maker 10 Cup Capacity is one of the favored choices available.

8)    Popcorn Makers 

An ideal partner for a movie is crunchy, buttery popcorn! Popcorn Makers are yet another kitchen item that compliments any kitchen. These are so convenient that even kids can use it without any hassle. Prestige 59905 Quick & Easy Popcorn Maker Machine 1200W Original is an ideal option and can make popcorns in less than 3 minutes.

Ice-cream Makers, juicers and much more unique kitchen gadgets are also budget-friendly. Food can be prepared without getting stressed and can be less time-consuming. These products can be found in any of the kitchen gadgets stores. The new kitchen gadgets have more than one utility value. They do not burn a hole in the pocket and are definitely worth it.  These kitchen tools ensure that the life in the kitchen becomes a lot easier and convenient.


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