Flavoured E-Liquids: Which one is right for me?

Want to leave the nasty smoking habit but unable to do so? Well, the easiest way to change the habit is to use e-Cigarettes. The best part about them is the e-liquids that come in wide range of flavours. There are a wide variety of e-liquids at Annova.biz which satisfies the taste while giving the pleasure of actual cigarettes.


Have the fun in discovering which flavour works for you the most.  For the desired level of kick, each flavour comes with its own uniqueness. Some are sweet, some are tangy, and some have the flavour that is so distinctive while being a

romatic. On top of that, you also have the freedom to choose between nicotine or nicotine free too. Diamond Mist is one of the popular choices as they are safer than cigarettes because they have the flavoured smoke without the harmful chemicals.

When you buy the E-liquid, the first thing to consider is the flavour. The other variables include the nicotine strength, PG or VG etc. Luckily, e-liquids come in almost all the flavour you could actually think of.

Generally, E-liquids, E-juices, e-Cigarette juices, Vape Juices, Vape liquids e-Cigarette liquids all mean the same. Have you wondered how e-liquids become vapour? The devices may be different but conceptually it is the same. The E-liquid soaks the wicking device which is then warmed with a help of a coil. Once the liquid hits the warm coil, the vapour is produced.

Diamond Mist is one of the popular choices as they are safer than cigarettes. They also have the flavoured smoke without the harmful chemicals like tobacco, tar etc. It can also be used indoors. This contains Flavouring, Propylene Glycone (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine. PG dilutes the flavour and produces smoke like vapour whereas Vegetable Glycerine does the same while reducing the throat hit.

Read our brief guide to know and explore some of the popular flavours at Annova.biz which gives an idea to choose the right flavour:

1. Tobacco Flavour:

This is the most common flavour as the taste and flavour resemble quite close to an actual cigarette. Quite popular when you are about to change the way you smoke. Do check out the Diamond Mist  e-Liquid Virginia Mist.  It mimics the tobacco counterpart while giving a well-blended Smokey flavour. Try it and get the feel of a cigarette without its harmful effects.

tobacco flavor

2. Mint/Menthol Flavour:

The second most popular flavour is the mint or the menthol flavour. It gives a minty fresh feeling after you take a hit. The cooling menthol sensation can be felt in the throat.  If you are not very particular about the tobacco flavour, this go-to liquid is a must try.  Diamond Mist E-Liquid Iceberg Menthol clears your airways with just one cold refreshing menthol kick. A relaxing change to your normal mints.


3. Fruit Flavour: When you give up smoking what is the first change you will notice? Your sense of taste improves drastically. If you want to put a test to your taste buds or just have a sweet tooth, this fruity flavour is an ideal choice for you.


Diamond Mist gives us plenty of choices when it comes to fruit flavour e-liquids. Apple, Banana, Tutti-Frutti, Black Current, Cherry are the different choices available, just to name a few. Diamond-Mist E-liquid Watermelon is something one should definitely give a try.

4. Gourmet Flavour:

What if you want to try something new? Something that is daring and adventurous. How does blended taste sound? If you are fond of sweets and mint, try Diamond Mist E-liquid East Raspberry and Menthol. It’s a combination of fruit and mint which is quite interesting. Else try Diamond Mist Summer Breeze, it refreshes you with a minty strawberry flavour. Rare flavours can be seen which reminds us of the by-gone days. For example, Diamond Mist Blackjack flavour has hints of childhood nostalgia of sweet aniseed flavour. A lot of options are available, you just need to look. That’s all.
Hopefully, the above has given you some idea to start your flavour journey. One needs to understand that E-Cigarettes are an alternative to a regular tobacco cigarette that creates water vapour that can be inhaled just like smoking.

You can choose the flavour according to your taste and preference. Choosing a flavour can be difficult especially for beginners.

The flavours that are there in the market gives you an ultimate ride of taste and refreshes you in more ways than one. There must be at least one flavour that you will definitely love. Trying every flavour all at one go is simply out of question. Hence this guide which gives a direction to your flavour destination.

Just be sure, you are 18+ to try out these flavours. Do have a look at the variety of options available at Annova.biz before choosing the right option. In the end, the choice is yours. Make the most of this experience.


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