Headphones – Perfect Partner for Leisure

Headphones are commonly used in the situations where the pitch of the sound is high or simply to enjoy the music. Headphones are our all-time favourite partner specifically when we are travelling. Headphones have now become a fashion statement and are considered as an essential part of our daily practice. There are different types of headphones available in the market. You can get earphones according to your comfort and suitability. It is important to use high-quality headphones made with body-safe materials so that they do not cause any harm to your ears.

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Impact of Headphones on Daily Life of People

The world is changing at a tremendous rate and so do we. The arrival of headphones has transformed the way we listen to music. Nowadays, you will rarely find anyone not using the headphone. Headphones have changed the world in a way that it is possible for everyone to find a “me time” for themselves even in a public place. You can listen to your favorite tracks and other audios anytime and anywhere. The technology advancement leads to the invention of headphones which has bought allot of people close to music. Music can really help people in increasing the output at the workplace as it has a relaxing and soothing effect on the human brain, helping in building concentration. Headphones have a feature of volume modulation, which makes it even safer to use them even for a prolonged hour. The headphones manufacturing company has made many changes and bringing new technology time to time to help the music lovers and people who use them on a regular basis. Headphones are the wonderful companion of everyone these days and you will find them with everyone.  Headphones brought portable music to the masses. It seems like, no matter where you go, people are always carrying a pair of headphones or earbuds. There are different types of headphones offered by “Annova” which can make your musical experience more enjoyable.


In-ear Headphones

In-ear headphone offers a great listening experience by blocking the outside noise and directing sweet sounds into your ears. The wired in-ear headphones are more durable, mainly used in outdoors. Mostly in-ear headphones come with a plethora of different sized and shaped ear tips, to suit lugholes of all sizes and type. The in-ear headphones have a wide variety including sweat resistant sports gym running earphones, earbud headphones offered by many famous companies like Skullcandy, Panasonic, JVC and many more.

In Ear Headphones


Noise Cancelling  

Noise cancelling headphones enormously reduce background noise, meaning that the rumble of a plane's engines or a train carriage doesn't get in the way of your music. This will make your music clear and easier to hear which means you can listen to it at a lower volume, which your ears will thank you for. These headphones are much better than a traditional pair of headphones in terms of keeping outside sound at bay. These headphones block the noise first and sound quality second. Annova offers the best quality noise cancelling headphones from leading brands.


Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones give you extreme comfort and whether you are at work, travelling or exercising. You can enjoy and get lost in your music with no wires and no compromises. Multi-functional wireless headphones control the switch seamlessly between two bluetooth devices, change volume or tracks and take/end calls. You can play music, receive texts or get answers using just the headphones. These headphones are comfortable with premium, plush ear cushions even if you listen to the music all day long. The headphones have inbuilt bluetooth connectivity, just connect the earphones to the device and enjoy the music even at a distance. Annova has a wide collection of high quality wireless headphones.

Wireless Headphones


Over Ear Headphones

Over ear headphones build their own protected space around the whole ear where they can unfold their soundscape you can explore into. These headphones are fitted with soft leather, leatherette or velour ear pads they ensure a comfortable fit even during extended hearing sessions. Over-ear headphones can feature a closed or an acoustically open design. Over ear headphones let you go with the flow of music and give comfort to your ears. You will not get disturbed by the outer noise of the environment.

Over Ear Headphones


Maintaining Your Headphones

Headphones are crucial to having music and staying stable so it is important that you treat them with care and respect that they deserve. Keeping them in top condition is good for both your hygiene and the audio fidelity. The headphones must be cleaned properly with a soft cloth, warm water and a little bit of soap. A dry toothbrush is also very helpful to remove bits of dirt and grime and get inside meshed areas of the headphones that a cloth can't immediately reach. Tooth pick can also make a difference in the, particularly stubborn area.  The headphones should be stored in a clean and dry place. Take proper care of your headphones while you are using them by taking some basic precautions. Avoiding very high or very low temperatures, and pulling on the end plug rather than yanking on the cable to remove them, can have an impact on the lifespan of your listening equipment.


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