How to Choose the Best Hair Straighteners?

There are a few factors that need to be considered before purchasing the hair straightening products. You must buy one according to your hair type. But thereare many straighteners available in the market, which make it difficult for you to decide the suitable straightener for you. We’re going to guide you “how to choose the best hair straighteners?”

Type of Plate

One of the most vital factors while picking hair straighteners is the type of plates. Ceramic-coated plates are used in most of the straighteners. Straighteners like BaByliss 2069U Pro Ceramic 230°C Hair Straightener BLACK has ceramic plates thatheat up faster and distributes the heat evenly throughout the plates that reduce the risk of hair damage. BaByliss 2069U Pro Ceramic 230°C Hair Straightener

Another type of flat iron plates is tourmaline plates. It is expensive as compared to the ceramic hair straightener due to its features and performance. It heats up quickly and traps dampness and moisture from your hair by producing negative ions. This makes your hair straight and controls the frizz. A professional hair straightener with long plates that enable you to cover more hair in less time. It heats up just in 15 seconds and ready to give your hair a glossy finish.

There are straighteners which have titanium plates that heat up quickly when compared to ceramic plates. Maintaining the constant high heat level, it makes styling easy in less time. It is also light in weight that makes it easy-to-use and handle.

BaByliss 2861BDU Pro Nano 200 Ceramic Hair Straightener

Size of Plate 

Hair straighteners come in various plate sizes. A hair iron like BaByliss 2861BDU Pro Nano 200 Ceramic Hair Straightener has a ½ inch to 1-inch narrow plates that is ideal or those having short to medium length hair. These are also known mini hair straighteners that makes it very easy to create curls and waves using narrow plates. A straightener with 2 inch to 3 inch wide plates is designed for long and thick hair.

Temperature Setting

In order to have salon-like styling, high temperatures are required. But make sure you opt for one that has a variable temperature setting that allows changing the heat level according to your hair type. Color-treated hair or thin hair is more prone to heat damage. If you have thick, heavy and long hair, you require straighteners with high temperatures. VSST2967 Hydra Shine Straightener by Vidal Sassoon comes with 9 temperature settings that range between 130 - 230°C and has LED that blinks when the temperature reaches the maximum level.

The Weight of the Straightener 

Different hair straighteners have different weights. There are straighteners that are not convenient to handle and use as they are very heavy. Therefore, you must opt for a lightweight flat iron like BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron. It is light in weight and provides comfortable styling in less time.


Cordless straightening iron such as BaByliss 2581BU PRO Cordless Portable Gas Hair Straighteneris perfect for vacation or outdoor trips as it has 1 disposable gas energy cell. It is compact in size and easily portable that gives professional results wherever you go.BaByliss 2581BU PRO Cordless Portable Gas Hair Straightener

Whenever you go market to purchase a straightener, judge the suitability according to the above factors and you’ll be able to choose the best one for yourself.


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