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Quick Overview

  • 10 coffee specialities prepared according to their original recipe
  • Height-adjustable spout to accommodate variety of cup and glass sizes
  • Storage of preferences, including 4 classics: Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino and Latte macchiato
  • Exceptional taste, with Aroma Extraction System using pre-wetted beans
  • Clear choices by touch screen, including bean type, water/milk quantities and intensity-level
  • Automatic cleaning and descaling
  • Compatible with Melitta Pro Aqua filter cartridges for only-once-per-year cleaning regimen
  • Interior easy to clean thanks to the removable extraction chamber
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    Melitta Barista CI Touch is a modern pressure coffee maker for home use. Its biggest advantages include the possibility of preparing 10 coffee specialties - including milk coffees, programming your own recipes, a convenient panel with a color display and simple control of the knob.

    Be Your Own Barista with the Award-Winning Caffeo CI TouchInnovative Bean-to-Cup Coffee Maker Accommodates Individual Preference

    With its double-sealed 2-chamber Bean Select system for flavour variation, the user-friendly Caffeo CI One-Touch moves swiftly in its mission to optimally extract both flavour and aroma, as beans are systematically pre-wetted to enliven your senses. This fully-automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine offers 3 brew temperatures, 4 strength levels, and a double-cup option for simultaneous arrival of two drinks. Its "My Coffee" memory-feature stores up to four personal preferences, and the option to rotate between Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato (among others) offers a feeling of an Italian cafe within the comfort your own home or office. With its smooth surface, refined design structure and push-button cleaning components, it is well within your reach to maintain the pristine integrity of this innovative and long-lasting Melitta coffee maker.

    2019 Innovation Award

    With its energy-saving features, noise-reduction system and refined operational capacities, the Melitta CI Touch was awarded Winner of the 2019 Housewares Small Electricals Innovation Award. This is a high quality bean-to-cup coffee machine designed in Germany, and the award is a tangible indication of both the machine's quality and the company's commitment to making the best coffee machines.

    Melitta: Pioneers of Coffee Industry Since 1908

    Melitta has led the coffee industry since 1908, when founder Melitta Bentz made the first paper filter bags. Now 20 billion filter bags are used world-wide on a yearly basis, and this conscientious German organisation continues to lead the way in coffee-related innovation, designing and retailing coffee products of the utmost quality.

    Manual bean select

    To perfectly prepare a variety of coffee specialities you need a selection of different coffee beans. This is why the CI Touch has a two-chamber bean container 'Bean Select'. Whether you would like a café crème in the morning or an Espresso after dinner: by simply switching between fine mild coffee beans or aromatic strong espresso beans in the separate chambers you get the right coffee beans for your favourite coffee.

  • One Touch knob. 10 coffee recipes. Double grain container. My Coffee function. Italian way of preparing coffee. A quiet grinder.
  • TFT color display. The function of two coffees at the same time. Coffee spout. PRO AQUA Filter technology. Removable brewing unit. Built-in milk frothing system.
  • Easy steam cleaning. Automatic cleaning and descaling function. Energy saving function. Black colour. Filaments: steel. Water tank: 1.8 l.
  • Coffee container: 2 x 135g. Width: 25.5 cm. Height: 34 cm. Depth: 47 cm. Weight: 8.7 kg. Power [W]: 1400.
  • Pressure [bar]: 15. Pressure [bar]: 15. Plug type: Type C/EF - 2 pin (Europlug/FR-DE Hybrid).
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