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Princess 219500 High Speed Deluxe Blender 2000W

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Quick Overview

  • Obtain professional results thanks to the extremely powerful 2000 Watt motor that creates 32.000 RPM
  • Scratch and fingerprint proof thanks to the UV coating and the quality aluminum base
  • Extreme sturdy blade with 6 knives for grinding tough ingredients like frozen fruit, nuts and ice cubes
  • All parts are dishwasher proof so the blender is very easy to clean
  • Large 2 liter blender jug made of virtually indestructible BPA free Tritan
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  • Princess 219500 High Speed Deluxe Blender 2000W

    The extreme powerful blender for your home! The Princess 219500 High Speed Deluxe Blender is a powerful professional blender with a stunning 2000 Watt motor and a Tritan jug with a 2 liter capacity. Blends, chops, mixes and grinds in a blink of an eye delicious smoothies, soups, nut butters and ice cubes with the automatic programs. Thanks to the sturdy aluminum base the blender will not leave its spot even with heavy duty mixing. All the removable parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Grant yourself this powerhouse of a blender if you like making green smoothies, smooth sauces and fresh soups.

    The best of its kind

    The Princess High Speed Deluxe Blender is the ultimate power blender to blend anything you can think of. Make the smoothest soups, healthy smoothies and quick sorbets with this power house of a blender. The extreme 2000 watt motor creates a stunning 32.000 rotations per minute so even the toughest fruit and vegetables will be blended smooth.

    Stainless steel blade with 6 knives

    The extremely tough blade with 6 knives made of Japanese stainless steel can even grinded up the hardest ingredients directly when blending like nuts and oatmeal. You will never have to chop up ingredients in advance, because the Princess High Speed Deluxe Blender chops, grinds and mixes everything directly.

    Light weight 2 liter Tritan jug

    The jug of the Princess High Speed Deluxe Blender is made out of high quality BPA-free Tritan that makes the jug both light weight and virtually unbreakable. You can simply place the jug onto the base without having to use force or turn the blender jug so even when it is filled you do not need a lot of force when operating the blender. This way a jug filled with oven roasted tomatoes, stock and fresh basil turns in a few seconds into a delicious tomato soup.

    Adjustable to your own desires

    The Princess High Speed Deluxe Blender has 10 different speed settings and a timer function so you can select the optimal setting for your purpose. This way you can select a lower speed for blending a smoothie with fresh fruit and a higher speed for making your own nut butter. The timer function makes it possible to set the time so the blender will automatically shut off and you will not have to keep pressing the button. Making healthy green smoothies, pureed baby food and smooth sauces is a breeze.

    The perfect result with 6 preprogrammed settings

    Do you not know the right settings for your ingredients? Choose one of the 6 preprogrammed settings of the Princess High Speed Deluxe Blender which are ice, fruits, grinding, soup, smoothie and sauce. The only thing you will have to do is add the ingredients to the blender jug, select the correct program and the blender makes sure the end result is perfect. When you would like to add extra ingredients when the blender has started you can do so by using the filling vent in the lid.

    Safety first

    The Princess High Speed Deluxe Blender has many different safety measures so it is safe to use for anybody. You receive a food pusher with which you can push all the ingredients down so you will never have to put your hand in the jug. The lid will not come of in the middle of the blending process thanks to the safety lock on the lid. Next to this, the blender will not start working if the lid or jug are not correctly placed.

    What’s in the box:

    Princess High Speed Deluxe Blender, 2000 ml Tritan jug, detachable blade, food pusher, instruction manual with recipes
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