Shopping Guide for Best Headphones

Most of us are attached to our headphones for at least a small part of the day. Either by listening to music while we are on the go or when we are watching videos on a phone, tablet, or laptop. The fact is that our headphones are now more than a mere accessory - they have become an extension of ourselves. The right pair of the best headphones will allow you to listen to your favorite music at a crowded coffee shop or even enjoy a late-night movie while your partner is soundly asleep.

 Now, are you still using the earbuds that came with your phone or any other gadgets? You may consider an upgrade. There are many options available these days. Right from the small in-ear models that will easily slip into your shirt pocket to big, over-the-ear models that can transport you to the world of music while making you look and feel like a DJ. There are also other models which remove the wires altogether making it completely hands-free. They make the best running headphones out of the lot.

 One can find various kinds of headphones of various brands like Skullcandy, Pioneer, JVC so on and so forth. It all depends on the user’s need and convenience at that particular situation.

Shopping guide for choosing the best headphones:

  • Check the Quality of Sound

Just like in the case of speakers, the best earphones are the ones soothes your ear. It actually emphasizes different parts of the audio spectrum. The chances of your preference one over the other are large. Before buying the headphones, it actually makes sense to try it out first. In case you are buying it online, have a look at the return policies to ensure that the mode can be returned or exchanged for a newer one. 

  • Select the Design which compliments your use

Over-ear models are best suited for home as they can be quite large and heavy while traveling. The more portable models like the in-ear headphones are smaller in size and have the tendency to sacrifice the quality of sound but they are quite handy and are great for listening while on the move.  If you are considering flying or want to block out the noise in your surroundings, buy the best noise-canceling headphones.

  • Choose Wired Models for the Best Sound 

There are many wireless headphones which actually work for the clarity of the sound. However, when compared, with the best-wired headphones, the sound is actually better. There are quite a few contradictions to this theory. It is better to choose according to individual taste and choice. Once you understand what exactly you are looking for, it will be easy to choose the model which will fit you the best

Types of Headphones

Choosing the right type of headphones is a personal decision. Some find the in-ear headphones to be very comfortable while others can find it irritating. Many prefer the over the earphones while others complain about the size and interference with glasses or earrings. Depending upon your comfort level and the plan where to use them, it will be easier to pick the right headphone. Have a look at this guide to find the type that suits you:

        In-ear headphones

One needs to understand that the earbuds rest at the bowl of the ear just outside the ear canal, while a portion can extend into the canal itself.  They are the most common ones as they are easily and freely available with smartphones and portable audio players. This accessory comes in different sizes and you can choose as per your ear canals. Most of these come with additional earpieces which are also called canal tips, so as to ensure a secure fit. These are the best affordable headphones available in the market.

      Noise canceling headphones

Majority of the best headphones have designs that reduce the noise often mentioned as passive noise-canceling headphones. Active noise-canceling headphones go one step further. These headphones are powered by the battery while it uses tiny microphones to monitor outside noise frequencies and then in order to cancel them produce those same frequencies out of phase.

      Wireless headphones

Often called Bluetooth Headphones, these wireless models are common and typically range up to 30 feet or so when connected with smartphones, laptops, portable media players, iPods, and sometimes even TVs.  You can listen to songs, get connected to calls and more, all hands-free. Best Wireless Bluetooth headphones are available at an affordable range at 

   Over-ear headphones

You have got two options in these to choose from, either closed back or open back. Closed back have sealed ear cups which reduces most of the noise. You might miss hearing your telephone or doorbell ringing. Open back helps in giving a natural feel. The closed back over-ear headphones are largely recommended for audio engineers as they deliver high-quality sound by cutting all external noise. 

Headphones not only help us to go into a whole new world but also helps to focus on the task in hand. The experience of listening has reached a whole new level thanks to these best wireless headphones.  Comfort, convenience and the correct cause for using the headphone ensure to pick the best headphone that suits your needs. Make the most of the music experience by choosing the right headphone. Get the best affordable headphone at 


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