The 15 Secrets You Will Never Know About Why We Should Have Thermometers At Home

Have you ever felt warm, hot, cool, cold, sultry, sweaty? Immediately our mind goes what is the temperature and how drastically has the weather changed? How can we settle the argument whether it is warm yesterday or today? It is simple, check the thermometer and measure the temperature. Liquid thermometers which you can fit in the wall are ideal for this. You can compare the readings and figure out the difference.

Thermometers are simple scientific instruments that work on the basic principle that metals change their pattern in a very precise way when they become hotter as they gain more heat energy and vice versa. Let’s take a closer look at how these amazingly handy gadgets work at home and make our life a little bit easier:

Types of Thermometer

Figure out body temperature:

A thermometer is generally used to measure the body temperatures and there are several methods to register it.  You may use liquid-in-glass, electronic digital display, infrared, disposable dot matrix, tympanic and much more.  Generally, temperatures can be measured in different parts of the body: Mouth (oral), Eardrum (tympanic membrane), armpit(axillary), or anus (rectal). A normal temperature for an adult is approximately 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius).

Set the Room Temperature:

We are so used to air-conditioning in our day to day lives, that to imagine a life without that is quite difficult. The air-conditioner thermo-stat helps us to note what the temperature of the room is! We can set the temperature according to our desire and have a cooler or warmer environment. Research says that the perfect temperature to suit our body would be around 24 degrees Celsius.  Having said that, it actually differs from person to person.

Make fudge at home:

Making the perfect fudge at home has always been a task. The basic ingredients to make the fudge would be either of these: White Sugar, brown sugar, cream, flavors, nuts, sweet treats, icing sugar, maple syrup, corn syrup, marshmallows, and even chocolates. The real secret is not in these elements but on how you make it.  A candy thermometer actually comes handy to make it right.  When we are cooking, the sugar crystals need to be dissolved and the water has to gradually evaporate. Else we risk on the firmness of the fudge. An ideal temperature between 112 and 114 degrees Celsius must be maintained and the thermometer helps to maintain that.  Fudge will definitely have the ideal concentration of water and sugar, making it consistent throughout.

Make Cheese or Yoghurt at home:

A flawless cheese and yogurt can actually be made at home using the thermometer. It helps to get the temperature just right. While making cheese, it is important that the milk and the water temperatures are consistent. The knowledge of when to heat the milk and water faster or slower helps. When you want to make the perfect curd, the milk has to reach at least 200 degrees (rumbling lightly and not boiling). The best thermometer can be used to derive at the desired temperatures.

To measure the temperature of the oven:

Cooking is a combination of art and science. In order to prepare a perfectly cooked meal, the oven has to be set at the right temperature. Thermometers actually help in this and make our life a little simple.

To measure the temperature of the pool:

When kids enter the pool for the first time, it is important we know that the pool is not too cold. Kids are quite sensitive and have the ability to catch a cold faster than adults. Hence if we use the thermometer beforehand, it allows us to be completely stress-free about their health. 

To measure the temperature of the sugar for making candy:

Kids love candy. What is the best way to ensure that the food that we give are healthy too? Make it yourself. Taste, structure, and size of the candy are important to make it kid-friendly. The correct temperatures allow this to happen. 

To measure potentially hazardous foods:

Potentially hazardous food includes raw and cooked meats, dairy products, seafood, processed food like eggs, beans and nuts, ready to eat foods, rice pasta etc. We do not know whether the foods are actually edible or not.  The temperature of the food help to determine that. The temperature needs to be at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit for the bacteria to be killed.

To measure body temperature when a person is ill:

Mothers or especially Grandmothers have a habit to check the forehead of the child to determine whether he is having the fever or not. But when we have to say that to the doctor, one cannot say it is burning hot. It always helps to tell the exact degree. The thermometers make it happen and we can determine the kind of rest required.

To measure ovulation:

BBT Thermometer or Basal Body thermometer is marketed and sold specifically for the woman who wants to become a mother. It’s a low-cost method to determine the ovulation. It helps to pinpoint the peak time for conceiving a baby as it tells that the ovulation has taken place. Quite a cheaper technique at a home as compared to the various doctor visits and tests to be done. It’s an ultimate fertility aid.

To create the perfect poached eggs:

Poaching eggs is an art and trust me, with a thermometer, anyone can learn this skill. The temperature of the water for the perfectly poached eggs should be 180 degrees Fahrenheit for intact but runny yolks.

To Bake homemade bread:

We can check homemade bread on how well it has been done. The perfect measure would be between 190 degrees Fahrenheit to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

To detect air leaks in the house:

In the cold areas and during the winter months, heat should not escape the house as it will be a major energy waste. An infrared thermometer is used to detect air leaks as well as which area of the house is poorly insulated. This thermometer will help you identify with the various temperature differences and gives a direction to which area needs an investigation.

To measure when the meat is done:

Digital instant-read thermometers help us to understand when the meat is cooked in the state in which one likes to eat. Rare, medium rare etc. can be easily determined with the help of the thermometers.

To brew the perfect beer:

Every brewer knows that a thermometer is one of the important tools in the process of brewing beers and other alcoholic beverages. In order to get quality beer consistently, one needs to check the temperature at various stages of fermentation.

Now you know the secrets of having a good thermometer! It has more than one use. Buy quality thermometer at Annova Make the most of its uses and select from an array of choices which fulfills all your needs. Happy Measuring!


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