The 19 Best Christmas electronics Gift for Everyone on Your Shopping List- 2018

The 19 Best Christmas electronics Gift for Everyone on Your Shopping List- 2018 

Christmas is that time of the year where one brings more than just a smile. Happiness, kindness, sweets, savouries are all exchanged from one another.How can we forget the best way to enjoy this season of Christmas is through last-minute gift deals and presents.

With the holidays around the corner, it is natural to look out for the best gift that will be utilized to its full potential. Sometimes, we question ourselves which present can bring the utmost joy to our loved ones. With so many options available, we have narrowed it down to the most popular ones. Gadgets, toys, appliances, games, you name it and we have it all. Get the most of this festive season and bring cheer to your near and dear.

Find the perfect present for everyone on your list and that too on your budget. Interesting and thoughtful gifts that show you care. So what are you waiting for? Take out your phones and get ready to shop at!

 Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances


Kitchen appliances are one of the popular choices when it comes to gifts.  They tend to make fun as well as practical Christmas gifts. So if you are shopping for a foodie, a busy chef or a new homeowner, it is quite a thoughtful choice. Since an appliance can turn the humongous task of cooking into seriously something simple and less time-consuming. Buy this to impress and be in the good books of the most important person in your life.

Have a look at our list of popular kitchen appliances which you can be a perfect gift for anyone on your Christmas list.


1)    Kenwood SJM480 1.7 Litre Cordless Kettle in Brushed Stainless Steel

A sophisticated and a practical alternative to the standard kitchen kettle, this is one the thoughtful gifts one can gift to any generation. The entire body of the kettle is made of brushed steel along with the polished stainless steel spout, which makes the kettle stand apart from the rest.  It not only boils quickly but also looks attractive without its cords and led light on a table or on a countertop. With its capacity of 1.7 litres, this Kenwood Scene kettle is quite large and will happily make up to six mugs of tea from a single boil.

  2) Kenwood HM535 Electric Hand Mixer - Silver BRAND NEW

An ideal gift for a pastry chef, this hand mixer is excellent for mixing cakes and whisking eggs. Compact, lightweight and quite handy, it is also convenient for operation. It can be stored with ease thanks to its integrated slots for the beaters and whisks.  A perfect equipment suited for any kitchen, this clever mixer is extremely easy to use. It has five-speed settings along with the pulse mode which enables to derive perfect results almost every time. Delicious dishes can be prepared with absolute comfort. This Christmas, gift your loved one this easy-to-use tool and make their life a bit more comfortable.

 3) Kenwood CO600 3-in-1 Can Opener with Knife Sharpener and Bottle Opener - 40 Watt

This tool will indeed make a truly stylish addition to a modern kitchen. Its 3-in-1 feature has a combination of a can opener, knife sharpener and bottle opener - an absolutely great way to minimalise the number of utensils in the kitchen. Less clutter, less mess. It has an automatic start-stop option, which can be used with a small lever. The electric can opener is also easy to clean as the blades are removable. Not only pocket-friendly but also a multitasking tool, this is an ideal gift for every household.

 4) Kenwood TTM480 Scene 4 Slot Brushed Finish Toaster

What better day to start a day than with a lovely evenly crusted toast!  This is possible with this Kenwood Scene 4 Slot Toaster which is an elegant combination of the brushed and polished metal body.  Suitable for all types of kitchen, this toaster features an adjustable setting for browning.  You can get the perfect toast every time, thanks to its useful centering system. Two separate controls enable the four slots to heat according to individual taste and preferences. The Defrost setting ensures that it safely toasts bread from frozen while the Cancel button stops toasting mid-cycle. With so many features in one single product, this definitely makes an ideal present for this season.

 5) KENWOOD Blend X-Tract Smoothie 2Go SMP060WG Blender - White & Green

An ideal gift for those people who are extremely health conscious.  This blender creates smoothies on the go. Just throw your favourite fruits, veggies with other ingredients into the bottle and turn the base on for some energy-giving smoothies and protein shakes.  Providing blended nutrition, this blender comes with two bottles that can be shared with your partner. Else you may prepare two healthy concoctions which can be used the whole day. While being dishwasher safe, the sports-style bottle has a non-spill lid which comfortably fits into your bag. Make the most of this opportunity and gift it to near and dear.

 Toys & Games

 Toys & Games

Christmas is generally the best when the kids are squealing with delight especially when they open their presents. The holidays are not just about the gifts, but they are a great way to bring happiness in the lives of your loved ones. These gifts bring the everyday life of the kids in an orderly fashion. When work is done in the form of play, it reaps rewards while having fun.  Gifts that are not just toys but more than that helps the children to perceive things in a better fashion. Take a look at the choices that have been popular this season.

1)    Lexibook DVDP6DES Despicable Me Portable DVD Player

Kids love movies and what a better way to see that on the go! Lexibook DVD Player makes movie watching an experience to cherish.  With the convenient rotatable screen, this DVD player ensures your little one is glued to the screen. With attractive minions from the Despicable Franchise, this portable DVD player has lots of features such as wide resolution, a built-in parental control function, two integrated stereo speakers, car adapter and much more.  If you want to be the favourite parent, uncle or aunt this season, then what are you waiting for? Take a look at and gift your little one this DVD player and see a big smile on their faces!

 2)    Lexibook RCD108UNI Unicorn Boombox Portable Radio CD Player

The bright colours in this Lexibook Unicorn Boombox Portable Radio CD Player bring a lot of charm and attractiveness. A perfect choice for CD player fans. Music can be played using the MP3 player and also by your smartphone. You can also listen to music with the built-in FM Radio station feature which can be set via the analogue AM/FM radio tuner. The benefits of listening to music from a very young age are plenty. Music brings pure joy and calmness to the soul. It also has the ability to bring concentration by making the mind and body work together. Bring in the Christmas magic from music by gifting this to your little ones.

 3)    Lexibook RCDK100SP Spider-Man CD Player with Microphones

Want to make your child sing carols this season? Then Lexibook Spider-Man CD Player with Microphones is your answer. Sing along with your children. Make them sing with their friends. This amazing CD player comes with a set of two microphones. Very convenient to sing along with your favourite singers. The handle which is provided enables you to bring it with you wherever you want. You will find the CD player is on the front along with the LED display and headphones jack. Batteries are provided or you can even use electricity for it to play.

 4)    Lexibook RL975PA Lexibook Paw Patrol Chase Radio Projector Alarm Clock

Time Management is a skill that needs to be learnt right from childhood.  Lexibook Paw Patrol Chase Radio Projector Alarm Clock actually makes learning this skill fun. You can bring interest in your child in knowing the exact time using this clock. Much to the amazement of the child, the time gets projected onto your ceiling. This tool also has other features which show the day of the week, calendar along with indoor temperature display. Not only this, but it also has a built in Radio. So many features in one! A great tool for your child to learn in a fun manner with their favourite Paw Patrol Cartoon.

5)    Lexibook RP500AV Avengers Projector Radio Alarm Clock

Wake up with your favourite and cool Avengers! Listen to four amazing sound effects from Avengers by pressing the character of Captain America.  Enhance your kids room with this superhero design and the big backlit LCD screen. See the time on the ceiling using the Avengers projector displays. Enjoy music from the FM Radio stations available on this device. There are so many features that it becomes an ideal gift from your little one.




Headphones have become a necessity in this gadget era. With the increase in the uses of mobile phones, the requirement of the headphones also increases. Thus it makes one of the most perfect gifts this Christmas. Have a look at the clear as well as noise cancelling headphones, sports earphones, wireless earphones and so much more which not only perform but gives utmost comfort to your ears.

 1)    Sony MDRXB650BTR.CE7 RED Wireless Headphones

Cut the cord and pump in style this year. Wireless Headphones are the in-thing now. Apart from hearing good music, you are zoned in completely into the music world. With 30 hours of battery life, this Sony Red Wireless Headphone is an absolutely amazing gift to cherish.  You can even take calls hands-free using these headphones while hearing the sound with extra bass. With Bluetooth Connectivity you can easily forget that cords existed.

 2)    Sony WF-SP700NW WHITE Wireless Headphones

Truly wireless earbuds, these Sony White Wireless Headphones are a novelty on their own. Complete noise cancellation is possible. Also, there is one feature which is Ambient Sound Mode that allows you to enjoy your favourite tracks while still hearing what your buddy has to say. Comes in four different colours, this is an interesting and unique gift that you can give to your near and dear ones.

 3)    JVC HAFX42BT Premium Sound Bluetooth Earphones w/ Neck Band Support - BLACK

These are like neck-band types with tangle-free smart cord adjustment. It has a built-in battery which lasts for 14 hours. One can listen to music wirelessly using Bluetooth. Each earphone allows you to hear with clear and powerful sounds. The black colour is the most distinguished colour. It’s a cool choice to give to teenagers who can flaunt the neckband. Friendly in the pocket while having interesting features is something one can find in these earphones.

 4)    JVC HAFX7MA GUMY Inner ear headphones with remote and microphone - BLUE

Enjoy to your favourite tunes with these JVC Gumy Inner Ear headphones with microphone. One of the interesting fact about this earphones is that each of its earbuds is equipped with neodymium driver unit which produces clear as well as powerful sounds. There is also one more feature of one-button remote and mic work which works well with iPod, iPad and Android phone. Fresh style, comfortable fit and attractive colour make this an ideal choice for a perfect Christmas gift.

 5)    Skullcandy INK'D 2.0 Earbud Headphones (Gray and Cyan) S2IKFZ383

These Skullcandy Earbud Headphones come in Gray and Cyan colours. Stylish profile with equally matching sound quality makes this a unique gift for your favourite people this season. The design itself is quite lightweight which makes them ideal for a life that’s on-the-go. The drivers are about 11mm with solid bass and a detailed high-end response. There is also a cable which features a ⅛  or 3.5mm gold plated mini connection.

 Gents Clippers

 Gents Clippers


It takes more effort and thought when we want to gift our man, a person who tends to have everything. Men do not wait for occasions to buy. If they need something they buy immediately. Gents Clippers are a perfect grooming companion and quite a thoughtful gift.  The latest trends with trimmers are easily possible. Glance through some of the popular choices made this season.

Style the way you want. The Wahl Total Grooming Gift Set Clipper has all the tools required for clipping, trimming and detailing. The high-carbon precision blades in this set stay sharper and longer. The ergonomically and aesthetically shaped clipper are supremely comfortable for your hand. You can use this kit for all body grooming. The kit consists of clipper, trimmer and ear/nose trimmer. It also includes scissors, barber’s comb, blade, oil, cleaning brush and guide combs. All things in one beautiful and durable carrying case.


1)    Remington HC5035 Hair Clipper Corded 16pc

Your style has to be your way. Remington Hair Clipper Corded set enables this with finesse. With its advanced ceramic coated blades which are self-sharpening makes it convenient and easy to use. You can use up to 40 mins without the cord. With 8 different styling combs, the options given in this kit a fabulous. The storage case contains 6 sectioning clips, angled moustache comb, hairdressers cape, comb, scissors, cleaning brush, neck brush and much more. An entire kit for self-grooming purposes.

 2)    BaByliss 7447BU Pro Hair Clipper Trimmer Kit For Men High Performance / Brand New Babybliss Pro Hair 

This brand new trimmer kit is absolutely lightweight with high performance. The blades used are super sharp stainless steel and can trim your hair to near perfection. Convenient to use and carry, the toolkit is a must have in any travel. There is five position taper control along with 10 choices of combs. The packing of this kit is durable as its a hard case packing. This kit enables self-grooming techniques with complete ease. It is not too much heavy on your pocket and is extremely budget friendly.

 3)    Remington HC366 Hair Clipper Detail Trimmer Cord & Cordless Original

This Remington Hair Stylist is a do-it-yourself cordless hair clipper that provides an absolute no-nonsense look every time. This is one stop barber all in one sturdy bag. The self-sharpening blades which are ceramic coated, offer long-lasting stronger results, especially for professional cutting. The lube is for life as the blades will never need any oiling. You have got a choice from eight different combs that are available in the kit. Apart from this, the kit includes six sectioning clips, angled moustache comb, Hairdressers cape, Comb, Scissors, Cleaning Brush, Neck Brush and Styling Instruction booklet.

 4)    BaByliss 7437U Precision Hair Clipper Kit - 6 Piece For Men Original / Brand New

Precise and easy are the two adjectives that come when we use this product. Hair cutting / Hair trimming has never been so simpler and easy on the pocket. Featuring high precision diamond sharpened blades, this clipper is operated using mains for high performance and power. A perfect gift that is not only thoughtful but practical as well. Offering long lasting results, this one clipper is totally worth it.


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