The Top Models To Make Ironing Fast & Easy

Having smooth, wrinkle free clothes is something that ever person wants to have. You cannot imagine going out on a meeting, or even a date while wearing an old, un-ironed shirt or dress. This is why it is important to find the best iron which you can use easily, without it becoming too cumbersome. Some of the best irons come with a fast heating technology which allows you to achieve wrinkle free clothes within seconds.

If you are looking for the top models of irons in the Indian market, which can make your ironing job so much easier, then this list should be perfect for you. You can find all of these Bajaj iron models sold by Here is a list of the best steam iron online that you can find which will make your ironing job so much easier.

Here are some of the best Irons that you can purchase from Annova

Bajaj 440190 Majesty Esteela Dry Iron

This model of Bajaj electric ironis powered by 1000w, giving you fast heating action. The model has a 3600 swivel cord, and though it heats up easily, the body remains cool so you never find the body hot to touch. The iron is powerful yet gentle at the same time, giving you wrinkle free clothes within seconds without damaging the fabric of your clothes.

Bajaj 440193 Majesty One Dry Iron

The Bajaj majesty one dry iron is a very popular model of irons of this brand. This iron comes with a thermal fuse which automatically shuts off the flow of electricity, thus preventing the iron from overheating and thus, preventing your clothes from burning. The power cord on this device is 25% longer, thus giving you more ease of accessibility. The 2 way LED indicator is an added bonus on this model of bajaj majesty iron.

Bajaj 440197 Majesty MX 4

Without any doubt, the Bajaj majesty MX4 steam iron is a great wet and dry steam iron to help you get the perfect, freshly iron look on all of your clothes without any hassle. With a powerful 1840 watt power, this steam iron is extremely popular and a great model to opt for, particularly in the Indian market. The 330 ml water tank capacity allows you to use the iron for longer periods of time at one go.

Bajaj 440203 Majesty DX 11

This gorgeous looking iron from Bajaj is extremely light weight, easy to use and a popular model amongst users. The safety plus thermal fuse on this model allows you to use the iron without worrying about the iron overheating and damaging your clothes. The coated sole plate ensures that you can use your iron without causing any damage to the fibres.

Bajaj 440209 Popular (Bajaj Popular L/W Dry Iron  (White)

This Bajaj press iron is a popular light weight model which is easy to carry along with you and use anytime, anywhere. You can find this product on, this model being an extremely popular model amongst all kinds of users. The electric iron can be easily used on any type of fabric, giving you the freshly ironed look at all times. It is one of the hottest-selling irons in India.

Bajaj 440210DX 2 Dry Iron

This Bajaj popular iron comes with great features, such as having an extra lift at the back of the iron for easy gliding on your clothes, no matter what the fabric. The 180 degree swivel cord is easy to use and allows you to use the iron without any hassle. The handle of the iron always remains cool, so that you can use it without worrying about hurting yourself.

Bajaj 440250 Majesty DX8

This iron from Bajaj is powered by 1000 w, making it very powerful with a fast heating mechanism. The dual colour on this model is very aesthetic, along with the iron being versatile and functional. The American Heritage Teflon coating on this iron makes it easy to glide on all fabrics.

Bajaj 440303 DX 4 Dry Iron

When it comes to Bajaj electric press irons, this model is a very popular one. The non stick coated plate on the iron lets you use it on all your clothes without having to worry about overheating and damaging them. The 360 degree swivel cord allows better accessibility and easy of usage on this iron.

Bajaj 440304 DX 7 Neo

Those looking for Bajaj iron box will find this to be a great choice for their homes. This dry iron is lightweight, portable and very easy to use at all times. Carry the iron along with you wherever you go and enjoy freshly pressed clothes at all times!

These are the 9 most popular models of Bajaj irons that you can find on With top quality features, yet very reasonably priced, these irons in India provide you with ultimate comfort, optimal use and easy to use features. Go through the features and choose the Bajaj iron which is best for all your needs and requirements, and find the best priced models on this website.



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