Top 3 Latest Headphone Brands of 2018

If you have been suffering from headphones woes lately, then perusing through this blog is certainly a good idea. When you have an extensive variety to choose from, the tasks become a lot easier. However, the primary concern while banking on your belief in any branded headphone, be it a wireless or the one with integrated Bluetooth feature, is the durability and sound quality it has to offer. To gain a defining listening experience with High-resolution Audio is possible when you choose from renowned brands that assure and brings alive every bass beat of the music you are listening to with heart-thumping rhythm and beats.

Going with the trend, we have listed for your top 3 latest headphone brands of 2018. Be it the stylish Skullcandy headphones, the super compatible JVC headphones, or the versatile Sony headphones, these 3 have been on top of the ladder following the recent trends. Even though all three brands cater to masses widely, these are different and unique when it comes to features but with same fundamentals. With subcategories within this domain of headphones- which are-wired, non-wired/wireless, Bluetooth, In-ear Headphones, Over Ear Headphones, Noise Cancelling a user can get hold of a specific range of these without any confusion. Although, these headphones are engineered with world class technology, there might be few visible differences that one can trace amongst the three brands.

It is essential to buy the right headphones, especially if your entire career depends on sound. For any professional sound and audio engineer having sound knowledge about different types of headphones is mandatory. Sometimes it is better to shop by the true audio experience than just being conditioned to the brand. Nevertheless, we can look at the top best-selling brands and what they have to offer.

Top 3 Headphone Brands of 2018

Skullcandy Headphones

Enjoying extra bass with an upgraded version of ear buds, the headphones deliver crisp design wrapped in playful colors. These are available in all categories. Right from wireless, Bluetooth, in-ear, over the ear, to noise cancelling, Skullcandy offers you some of the finest at affordable prices. The Hesh headphones and ink’D earbuds are doing the rounds and fulfills the demand for portable audio products. The Aviator and Astro-gaming headphone with the skull logo and bold over-ear headphones enhance the cool and distinct look these exude. A vibrant and vivid alternative for the younger generation, these are an amalgamation of good sound, stylish design and exceptional functionality. Long battery life, wireless pairing and control option, and back-up aux cable make it a worthy buy.

JVC Headphones

No headphone brand offers such varied compatibility options as this brand. The option of customizing the sound according to your taste, with cushioned pads, and dynamic bass sound, makes this a favorite amongst all skilled and adept audio engineers. The option of the open type ear piece, Cable Management with Magnetic Housing etc. are a few features that make JVC headphones different from other headphones. The sport wear headphones of JVC with stable fit ear clip improves concentration, and prevents them from getting lost or falling off. Right from their stereo series in the marshmallow category, JVC takes care of all your needs. The brand also has specifically designed headphones for kids that features supplied sticker and volume limiter as well.

Sony Bluetooth and Wireless Headphones

Sony is known for their classy and elegant ear headphones. With incredible finish and a handy design the range of over ear headphones of this brand has been top of the list. With Sony you are sure to experience the purity of sound. With a vast variety of technologies this imparts on the headphones- be it the NFC-one touch listening feature, Extra Bass technology, the LDAC technology, Digital Noise-cancelling or the High-Resolution audio technology, Sony strives to deliver the best with the updated technology.

Having an access to all these high-end and trendsetting headphone brands becomes easier. Satiate your desire of experiencing ultimate bliss and having an edge over others when it comes to sound and anything to do with quality audio, by checking out a wide range of headphones at one stop. Stay in vogue by owning one of these top selling headphone brands that are extensively available at Annova.


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