Top 5 Benefits of Lithium Batteries

The times have changed and technology has made a huge progress. There is nothing more painful than to see your battery dying. Technology has become an essential part of everyone’s life and it is hard to imagine a life without our dear gadgets. When the life’s pace is so fast, you cannot risk stopping or be slow. Therefore, lithium batteries and rechargeable lithium batteries were introduced to rescue you from this situation.

Lithium battery runs on the movement of lithium ions between cathode and anode. When the battery is discharged the lithium-ions move from anode to cathode, while when the battery is getting charged the ions travel from cathode to anode. The functioning of the battery is due to the electric current produced from a chemical reaction between anode, cathode and electrolyte.

Though there are various types and options of lithium batteries available, they remain to be popular as they are portable, compact and versatile. Though there is an exhaustive range of lithium batteries available in the market, they share few common characteristics and advantages. If you are wondering why you should use lithium batteries, we have listed top five benefits below that would help you make an informed decision.

Lithium Battery

Compact and Lightweight

How difficult it would be, if the batteries were heavy and huge. Thanks to the small size and design of the batteries, that enable easy use and portability of the batteries. A lithium battery is lightweight in comparison of other rechargeable batteries. This enables better battery capacity and practical usage in portable consumer electrical devices.

High Energy Density

Lithium battery and lithium cell battery possess a high energy density as compared to other rechargeable batteries. This means that these lithium batteries offer high power capacity without being too bulky. Technology advancements have opened doors for higher capacity potential. These lithium ion batteries are best suitable for laptops and smartphones that are hungry for more power.


Lithium battery gives higher performance over a long period of time. The battery features low self-discharge rate that is only 1.5 percent per month. Since it discharges slowly compared to other rechargeable batteries, these batteries offer longer shelf life when not in use. It should be taken into notice that only nickel hydride battery self-discharges at a rate of 20 percent per month. Lithium battery can handle hundreds of charge and discharge cycles which makes them long-lasting product.


Rapid Charging

The time in which we live, everyone has limited time and a tight schedule. In such a situation if the battery takes a long time to charge, it gets quite frustrating. The lithium battery takes fraction of time when compared to other rechargeable batteries. Lithium battery gains more brownie points due to this feature that it offers.

Low Maintenance

This is one of the major advantages of the lithium batteries that do not require high maintenance for better performance. Ni-Cad and NiMH cells require periodic discharge to ensure they do not have a major effect on the memory. This, however, is not in the case of lithium batteries. Lithium battery features zero to minimal memory effect ensuring a better life and performance of lithium ion batteries.

Lithium batteries are high performers and offers more benefits apart from the above listed such as high open circuit voltage, longer life span and various types of options available in the category. These batteries will ensure that your gadget is up and running, keeping you ready with hours of backup. Choose from the extensive range of battery options available at Annova for a better deal.



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