What are the Best 2018 e-Liquid Flavours In UK?


With users becoming more and more aware of the ill effects of cigarette smoking, a lot of people are now turning to vape instead of traditional methods of smoking. In the case of a vape, you can satisfy your nicotine cravings with the help of a vape, while still not allowing a lot of chemicals, smoke and tar to enter into your body as it would with cigarettes. One of the best things about vaping is that you can add different kinds of flavours, enhancing your vaping experience.

Annova offers customers with some of the best e-liquid flavours which you can add to your vape. These different flavours add a sense of excitement to your vaping experience and also help you switch up between vaping flavours so that it never gets boring. This is something you cannot experience with traditional cigarette smoking, which is why vaping has become so immensely popular amongst users. Along with that, the fact that vaping is much less harmful to the user, and can also help many users quit cigarette smoking completely is why vaping is so very popular.

Here are some of the best e-liquid flavours that you can purchase from Annova

A fresh, apple flavoured e-liquid which you can add to your vape, the Diamond Mist Liquid East Apple is a very interesting flavour which you can opt for in your vape. This flavour does contain nicotine; however, it does not contain any tar or tobacco, making it much less harmful. The concentrated flavour of Apple makes your vaping experience far more enjoyable as compared to simple smoking. However, the 0mg Diamond Mist Liquid East Apple product does not contain any nicotine in it, making it so much better to use, especially for those who do not wish to ingest nicotine! The flavour added to the e-liquid makes it an enjoyable experience to vapers who wish to add some flavours to their vaping experience.

The Diamond Mist Liquid East Lemon & Lime e-liquid flavour adds a splash of tangy lemons along with the tinge of sharp lime to your vaping experience. The liquid is available in a 10 ml bottle, however, you should note that the 0mg e-liquid flavour means that there is absolutely no nicotine added to the flavour! This means that you can enjoy a flavorful vaping experience without any nicotine, tar or tobacco added to your vape! The tangy flavours of the lemon and lime simply enhance your vaping experience, leaving behind a fresh, citrus flavour in your mouth instead of the harsh flavour of smoke. The Diamond Mist Liquid East Lemon & Lime e-liquid can be easily added to your vape for those who enjoy a citrus based flavour.

The Diamond Mist Liquid East Black Jack e-liquid flavour has been designed for those who are looking to enjoy a sweet aniseed flavour in their vaping experience. This flavour gives users a tinge of nostalgia as they enjoy the flavoured smoke on their favourite vape. The Diamond Mist Liquid East Black Jack 12 mg e-liquid contains a small amount of nicotine, about 1.2%. This has been designed to give slight amounts of nicotine in your vaping experience. This e-liquid is perfect for those who were used to smoking light cigarettes, but have now switched to vaping instead. Opting for this vape flavour will allow users to enjoy their vaping experience, while still adding a sweet flavour to the vapour, without any of the added tobacco, tar and other harmful chemicals that you might find in cigarettes.

The Diamond Mist Liquid East Mint e-liquid is the perfect liquid flavour for those vapers who enjoy a minty taste in their vaping experience. Compared to the other fruity flavours you can enjoy, the Diamond Mist Liquid East Mint e-liquid gives users a more minty and fresh flavour as compared to the fruity, bubbly flavours. The 18 mg e-liquid contains 1.8% nicotine, which is perfect for former smokers who were heavy smokers once upon a time but have now switched to vaping instead. The crisp and sweet minty flavour added to your vaping experience makes vaping so much more flavourful as compared to traditional cigarette smoking! You can find the Diamond Mist Liquid East Mint e-liquid flavour for your vape from Annova, along with the other flavours of e-liquid.

These are some of the best e-liquid flavours you can find in the market, all of which are sold by the wonderful seller Annova. Choose the best flavour for your vape and enhance your vaping experience, without having to ingest strong chemicals, tobacco and tar into your lungs!


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